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​Do you have a new idea for a medical or consumer product?  Are you an OEM whose R&D resources are stretched too thin?


Contact us to discover how our design and manufacturing team's skills and experience can help you achieve your goals.



Our prototypting services are intended to support the design and manufacturing services we provide to our clients.


Additionally, our ability to provide in-process design-for-manufacture (DFM) consulting at this early stage provides significant value to our customers.


ISO 13485/9001


Our manufacturing group provides services for those clients who require an outsource solution to their manufacturing needs.


Whether you need us to carry the manufacturing load for an entire line, or if you need us when your internal resources are stretched too thin, we'd like to talk to you.


Zigg Design is a product development and manufacturing house that specializes in working with inventive professionals as well as industry OEMs

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