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First, let's talk a little about music. (yes... music)  


You may wonder how music and design are related?  At the most simple level, both are creative endeavors that, to some extent, can be taught.  Consider the piano.  After some training, most people are capable of sitting down in front of this instrument and plink out a recognizable tune. However, musically talented individuals are able to sit at the same instrument, play the same notes, and the result is music.  People with musical talent experience the process of making music quite differently from others - they feel it in their core.


At Zigg, we feel the same way about design - it should be a visceral process. While a degree in engineering ensures a given degree of technical skill, it does little to identify and develop design talent.  Our team actively seeks engineering and manufacturing professionals who are comfortable when presented with ill-defined problems... who recognize the early signs of a less-than-optimal solution... who instinctively "invert" a problem in order to see it from a different perspective.  These are among the traits vital to being a good designer.


You will not find the right answer until you identify the right question.


We start by asking questions.  Alot of questions.  What problem are we trying to solve?  Have we properly identified the problem? What are the technical challenges?  What are the economic challenges? What are the regulatory challenges?

Not just a word.  A passion.


What is innovation?  Most new designs that come to the marketplace are incremental improvements on existing designs.  Often, this results in legacy features that exist simply because they were in the design two or three generations ago.  But what happens when we encounter a fresh design that is different from anything we have ever seen?  Have you ever marveled at a design and thought "That's such an obvious solution.  Why didn't we  think of that?"


At Zigg Design, innovation is not just the act of designing something different. Rather, we endeavor to produce a design that is elegant in its simplicity.When an elegant solution presents itself, so does a smile... on the faces of everyone from the design and manufacturing team to the end user. We get excited when presented with a clean sheet of paper and are asked: "Knowing everything we know now, how would we solve this problem?" Great things are about to happen...


Should your idea have a patent?


Whether working with your patent counsel, or with one of our strategic partners in intellectual property, we can help you develop the protection needed to maximize the value of your idea. 

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