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Zigg Design was established in 2010 to provide creative individuals and OEMs with exceptional engineering design, prototoyping and manufacturing services.
Dan Gerbec
Founder & President

Dan is an engineer by training, but an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for design.


Before joining Gordon to found Zigg Design, his experience included early work on the total artificial heart, the design of entertainment robots, three years in academia teaching engineering design and, more recently, developing a variety of orthopedic implants and instruments currently on the market.


Listed as an inventor on more than 30 US and international patents (with many more in the pipeline), his ability to develop unique, elegant and robust solutions is well demonstrated.


Joel Dever

Joel brings a wealth of experience and skill from having spent more than 20 years manufacturing in the medical and aerospace industries.  


In addition to being a master machinist, Joel brings considerable design talent to the table.  His skills in electromechanical design has resulted in the development of several pieces of production equipment for medical device OEMs.  His 14 United States patents are further comfirmation of his contributions to the development of new technologies.

Gordon Baker
Founder & Vice President

The other founder of Zigg Design, Gordon brings more than 25 years of machining experience to the job.  The son of a small business owner, Gordon has always had the entrepreneurial itch.


An exceptionally talented machinist, he does not shy away from difficult machining challenges.  He is most effective when he works closely with the designer to introduce design-for-manufacture (DFM) changes that improve manufacturability and reliability.  Gordon's ability positively impact product design is evidenced by the 7 US patents he holds.



Our Team

Our team is an integrated group of engineering and manufacturing professionals who understand that collaborative teams produce far greater results than groups of individuals.

“Engineers are notorious for being left-brained, analytical thinkers.  However, design is fundamentally a right-brained creative process.  At Zigg, we have worked hard to put together a team of creative, right-brained designers who also possess exceptional technical skills." 


Dan Gerbec, Zigg Design


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